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Sportsman Show in the Dome

Was the Sportsman Show in the Superdome any good?
What was good?
What was not so good?
What was BAD?
Well, I was a vendor there(VersaMaxx corks) and the crowds far exceeded my expectations for all three days, especially Sunday. They had top notch instruction seminars on hunting and fishing. Lots of variety too, not just hunting and fishing. Saw plenty camping, atv's, etc... The only thing I know could be improved upon would be a more open air food court area with some local type food items. I know the Dome probably restricts what can be done in this area though.
i didn't really care for it. $15 parking and two adult tickets had me out of pocket $35 before I even went in. Now I think my opinion derives from loving the sportsman show at Lamar Dixon. So much open room over there and so many more vendors and boats. I think if this was the only show then my opinion would change but for now ill just stick to going to lamar Dixon In the spring.

I did not see much, if any food. that department I cant help with.