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Crabbing near Avery Island...any weirs nearby?

I live in Broussard and was looking for a spot nearby to do some crabbing. I've got a 1448 jon boat with a 20hp and I can always go to Rockefeller, but I was looking for something closer. We visit Avery Island on weekends sometimes and I always see people crabbing off the dock and side of the road at the island's entrance. There are always people catching crabs right there so I figured there must be crabs in the nearby canals and marshes as well.
I was thinking of launching right there and cruising around the canals and bayous that surround the island. Anyone know of any weirs in that area or any other locations with moving water that can be accessed from that boat launch in a jon boat? With my small boat I know I would have to stay in the protected canals and bayous.

Best bet is head to Boston. Crab at any pipe you can find. They have around 10. Stay in your boat. Lord of private land