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The prof is in the results on land recovery

Every where you go you see billion being spent on land recovery in our Louisiana marsh. From Joe's landing South you have a area that was filled in for a subdivision several years ago. This runs for about half mile and has the best Roseau canes you ever saw and willow trees as tall as oaks. Would be a great idea to find out how this guy did the job that we are spending billions to do.
Re: The prof is in the results on land recovery
Wax lake, West Bay, Pass a Loutre WMA, venitian isles ect. This list is long, the data has long been obtained and the methodology is diverse and established. The reason we ate still WASTING billions on 'research' into how to fix our coast is simple: the corp believes that sea level rise is inevitable and will swallow and project they build ergo they pad their budget (and the budgets of associated NGO's) with 'research' dollars that are essentially 100% profit for their organization and fiddle while we wash away. The constant infighting amongst lousianians about dredge vs. divert just makes it easier for them to laugh while we die on the vine.

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