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Pointe Aux Chene/Island Rd. Fishing? and Flatboat Question.

Anyone catching from the bank in the PAC Area?

I have been thinking about a 10ft flat boat for fishing the little areas around my house and for island road. I always see people kayak fishing out there. Is there enough action out there to warrant getting a flat? I want to go the flat route because I usually have someone with me. I hate fighting the amount of people at the crab bridge.


Re: Pointe Aux Chene/Island Rd. Fishing? and Flatboat Question.
There is definitely a lot of action down in the PAC...plenty of good fishing grounds and plenty of protected areas to fish. These next couple of months are going to be some of the best fishing times of the year. I've never been in the reserve off Island road so I don't know any spots in there but what I do know is there's protected areas for a smaller boat. I have a 21' Triton CC so we fish out of Jean Charles and the PAC Marina. A lot of people do pretty good crabbing out of the island road launch and the Pointe aux chennes marina. Best of luck and happy fishing.