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Looking For Deer Skeleton

Hi Everyone !

Sorry to bother you, my name is Alice and I am an archaeologist working on indigenous methods of hunting and fishing. I am now working on an archaeological site North-east of Louisiana (Reno Brake). In order to understand how fish were caught and cooked I am working with the skeletons of modern animals (to identify the species, recognize what parts were eaten, etc.). Some of those animals are not of common consumption anymore (at least in the city where I am, in New Orleans), like the deer. Would any of you by any chance hance know of a hunter (or maybe yourself ?) who would agree to give me the skeleton / sell me the whole deer ? That would be if enormous help, and anything helps :), it doesn't absolutely have to be fit for human consumption, I just need the bones ...
Thank you for your attention,
Take care,
Just a heads up, it is illegal to buy/sell wild game in Louisiana. You could check with a meat processing facility, they would probably give you a carcass.