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is your way point program still available?

Is your program still available? When I click on the link it defaults, saying not available?
Yes it is. I am working with the Sportsman mag to correct the link.
In the meantime go to the SPORTSMAN STORE and search for Fishing Edge. It will retrieve all of the different Edge files.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Captain Paul
Yes the Captain Paul's Fishing Edge programs are still available.
The LA SPORTSMAN is working on correcting the down links. Some of the links have been corrected, but In the meantime, go to..: www.ASKCAPTAINPAUL.COM and select the area you want.
All of the Edge files are sent to your email address as an attachment. There is a Read Me First and instruction file, as well as a data file for your brand of GPS unit. All of the waypoints can be downloaded into your GOS unit from your computer. There is also a .pdf file that is a general map of your area that lists the waypoints showing the latitude longitude and a description of each waypoint. Some even have a how to fish the location.
If you need any other info, contact me again.

Go to to view the different areas.
How long does it take to receive the email? Ordered about two days ago.
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I have emailed with my phone number. Did not see a number under contacts
Call the Sportsman web site at
(800) 538-4355

And ask for Kaci Dufrene
Advise her that you did not get your Fishing edge order.
I noted that you listed two different GPS brands. One for a DELORME and another for a Lowrance brand. If that is NOT correct, advise Kacie, as the electronic waypoint are written in a different protocol.

Captain Paul.
Thanks. Both Lowrance.
FYI, Kaci no longer works there