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Honey Island Tree Rats 10 25 17

Finally got a chance to break away from busy consultant(Medicare)schedule and hit one of my favorite Honey Island Swamp sloughs,not nearly as early as I should have but plenty early enough(seemed like a bunch of folks had same intention)and did have fellow tail-gate the heck outta me and I guess I coulda slowed down to a much safer speed(think I will leave home much earlier tomorrow),but did not want to have someone try to pass on limestone road,fairly dangerous!!Got to my favorite slough and did not take too long to spot nice tree rat that had no idea where I was nor what I had shouldered(Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades water-transferred camo Beretta,fresh from Rob Roberts' Gunsmith in Batesville,Arkansas).Slowly stalked around and got one more and missed two,shoulda had four but really only needed one more for Wifey's incredible squirrel stew!!Made my way out and did spook small family of hogs,probably 6 and these lil porkers were perfect-sized,just kinda tough to shoot with #4steel(I know lead ok in Honey Island but I am serious duck hunter and Big Branch requires steel and nothing larger than #4)!!Did chat with a few 'grey-haired' hog hunting veterans of de Swamp and one reminded me dat an orange ball cap might be essential(word to de wise and will sport orange cap tomorrow)!!Stopped at Academy to stock up on deer corn and pellets for feeder and worked on deer feeder and food plot on private deer club and damn feeder motor had disconnected positive lead and when I down-loaded SD card from game cam,not many deer pics but one huge coyote(he needs to go)!!Think I will hit same general area tomorrow and should see a few tree rats!!