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Honey Island Tree Rats 11 2 17

Hit favorite Honey Island slough armed with bunch of lead shot,#7.5(think that is tad light based upon today's observations)and knocked down at least 5 but once again,only emerged with one and this one was absolutely DOA!!!Think problem is choke combination and shell size(Kicks High-Flier modified-lethal on ducks horrible on tree rats).Had situation where there were two tree rats in one tree and at least 3 in another and did not think getting more than two was feasible so I tried what I suspected to be best shot,one on naked tree but high up vs tree rats nestled amongst thick oak branches and only managed to knock down the one on naked tree,only to see him scamper off and the others scattered.Did get one at top of huge cypress tree(common theme,both times I nabbed one in tall cypress tree,they were DOA and long-range shots)!!Think I need bigger shot,like #4 or 5 and might put in full choke and destroy dem rats!!!