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Hard Day on the lump

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The 'HIGH LIFE' was part of the party on the lump Saturday with what should have been great results. It was a little slow fishing due to the large number of boats, but some action anyway. I put the Ballistic flying fish out in the chum slick and had it take off once during the morning but around noon a big blow up on it and then the drift line went and it was off to the races. With the large number of boats I let the fish take us out of the bunch through the anchors and into the open water. After an hour and 45 minutes and all of the anglers on the boat the 50 pound florocarbon leader couldn't take it any more and parted ways to give the tuna another day to gloat over his good fortune. We had the fish 15 feet from the boat once, so we had a good view of the nice yellowfin. I guessed 150 plus but we will never know. This is the second year in a row that this group breaks off on a big fish. OUCH! back to the ball and start over, and bam, another fish draining the Tica 30 WTS. We didn't have as much room to run this time and I got a little heavy on the drag and POW another breakoff, OUCH again. Some you win, some you lose and some just get rained out. We did land 1 yellowfin and a few blackfin before the big fights. The one yellow came on the lightest line we let out. The Tica GN300 with 40 pound Mustad Pro Plus line beat the smaller yellowfin in good time. Even with the large crowd we had our chances on the big ones, we just didn't win the battles. Special Thanks to Capt. Scott Avanzino for the help with the second boat. For your day call Capt. Tommy Pellegrin 985-851-3304.