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The One That Got Away

Last Thursday I was hunting at a spot I had pictures of a few good bucks. I've been hunting the area religiously since opening day, with no luck except does and yearlings. Last Thursday I decided I would go hunt my bow stand, with hopes of seeing something decent, since that stand was on a scrape line. I was sitting in the stand for about 30 mins (grunting about every 10), when 2 good looking bucks walked out together. The biggest one was about 50yds from me. I'm in no way a confident shooter with my bow but I knew this might be the only chance I have to take this buck. So I drew my bow, sighted in the buck, and squeezed the trigger. When the arrow released from the bow, the buck ducked causing the arrow to go over his back. The feeling of defeat and depressing filled my body. After a few hours of depression, I realized I must continue to hunt this buck since the peak of the rut was right around the corner. It has been 3 years since I have killed a deer, but I wasn't going to let one miss bring me down. I had work the next 3 days and couldn't hunt, but thought about that buck everyday and thought of plans on how I was going to take him out. Monday evening I was back in the stand with my rifle, this time, ready to put the hammer on that buck that got away. No luck then or all day Tuesday. This morning I got ready and actually made good timing to the woods, considering I'm always late. LOL. So at 6:20am I begin my journey from the truck to the stand. As I cross the field, walking towards my stand, I spot a deer about 250yds from me at the edge of the field. I saw the deer had a good set of horns but couldn't see any detail because of the lack of light. I raised my gun up, looking through the scope, saw this was the buck that got away. I caught him checking in on a early morning scrape. At that moment the state down began. The buck did not like me being there and began to flag while anxiously walking off. I knew I now was the time to take him because this option was quickly disappearing. The buck turned quarting towards me. I put the crosshair on the left side of his chest and squeezed the trigger. When the gun went off the buck dropped to the ground. I knew then that my mission was complete. I had finally got the one that got away. A rush of happiness and joy filled my heart. The experience I've had hunting this buck is a story I'll never forget. That's what hunting is all about.


16 1/2 inside spread

Claiborne Parish

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