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Posted public waters

For all those that told us that they were not getting run out of public waters . Here's about 25,000 or more acres that you can no longer fish.
I This AM put over at Chef and went to Bypass canal on East side and took 1st right. Went back to first right hand turn that leads to a pond that I sight fish. Tide was rolling out, water clarity good, started catching a few trout. Was in the process of moving a little closer to the area where the bite was and the game wardens were coming around the bend flagging me to stop. Well, I showed them all that they asked for and they seemed happy.
Then one of them asked me' where is your sticker, sir'? I said next to my registration numbers on both sides of the bow. He said 'not that one, but the one that gives you permission to be in this bayou'. Of course I said I've been fishing that marsh for 60 years and it's absurd that at my age that I need a sticker for permission. He immediately pointed to three signs that I payed no attention to when driving past. He went on to tell me that all of the marsh, ponds, and bayous from the ICW at Chef Pass to Lake Borgne almost all the way to the Rigolets has been purchased by someone and are starting to ticket those who trespass.'
I heard about this on the radio Saturday morning on my way to the launch. However, not all of the bayous and ponds in the Chef pass area are private property. The shaded areas on this map are public waters claimed by the state or otherwise accessible to the public. Of course the game wardens may not be aware of this.
   e-man (R)
Rick the only problem with using that map is a big disclaimer put on it by the state. They WILL NOT go to court and say that these are state waters.