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Buckhorn Wildlife Management Area

Many deer hunters would rather spend their deer hunting time on private hunting land than on WMA's. But for one crossbow hunter from Luling, Louisiana, Andreas Hackman made an unbelievable shot with crossbow at 40 yards. 'I had just climbed a tree on the edge of a slough around 3pm about 15 feet up. My crossbow was tangled in some small limbs of a tree as I was bringing it up. Movement caught my attention across the slough and saw 2 big does feeding under an oak tree. I hurried to bring up my crossbow an by that time 2 yearlings weere walking under my stand. I decided to let them go by. Before I could sit in my summit climber, an 8 point was standing in the palmettos watching a 5point which was looking up at me. I raised my crossbow slowly hoping the 8 point would step out in an opening. But the 5 point stared at me for 5 minutes. My arms were getting tired. So I put the crosshairs of my scope on the 5 point an squeezed the trigger. The 100 grain broad head found its mark on the left cheek, cut the jugular artery, and lodge against his vertebrae. I dropped him in his tracks. I never could get a clean shot on the 8 point. I waited about 30 minutes before climbing down to check on the deer. It was my 1st deer killed with my crossbow! As far as I am concerned, to kill a deer with a crossbow or bow is exciting. Any deer killed with a crossbow is a trophy!' Andreas Hackman commented. With the help of Evan Matherne an son Bryce Hackman, the 5 point was tagge,retrieved, & an recorded.'

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