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More Sonora, Texas deer hunting

On the 3rd day of Dr Tony Trentcoste, Dr Mike McComb, & Bruce McDonald deer hunt in Sonora, Texas, the day turned as beautiful as the weather. Dr Tony managed to take a doe on Ralph#1 with a 100 yard shot from his 300 Win mag. Bruce managed to shot a doe and another 10 pointer at the Sanctuary Stand in the afternoon. 'The shot on the 10 pointer was just like u see on TV. Two does were eating and this big 10 point came in from the back an circled them twice. His last move came when he stopped at his licking branch and stood tall and broadside. The crosshairs was on him at 100 yards away. Again, 180 grain 300 Winn mag found its mark. He jumped when I shot and ran around some oak trees. There was plenty of sunlight and I followed the blood trail right to him. He ran about 40 yards before expiring. Back at the stand, a big doe came out and dropped her at 50 yards.' Bruce commented. Dr Mike McComb has been hunting the Sonora lease for 20 plus year and is a very disciplined deer hunter. ' I am waiting for a wall hanger!' He said. There is more to come from the Sonora deer hunt.

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