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Pearl River WMA - Rigolets

Has anyone hunted on the Southern End of the Pearl River WMA and killed any ducks? Mostly near the Rigolets and Johnson Island.

Hunted this area for four years, and this has been a terrible year for me, worse than last year and the year before with conditions that seem far superior (windy, cold, etc). I'll see big groups, but never near where I am, and shots seem to be pretty random. A couple of passes each morning. Water was low last weekend, but has been up most of the season.

I read the reports on here all the time, and it sounds like they're down across the state, but just wondering if anyone had a similar experience near me.

I have been out quite a few times in that area myself and have found low water conditions most of the time. No limits taken this year as I get only a few shots each hunt. Have shot more wood ducks this year than past years. I don't hear much shooting going on either. Overall it has been a lousy season in that area for me.