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Lowrance hds problems

Good evening Captain Paul i have a question ok i bought the waypoint dularge about 2 week ago i read the instructions but when I try to install it into my lowrance hds unit I can't install it can you tell me what I'm doing wrong the attached photo is my screen on GPS
It appears like you loaded all of the Edge files into your unit. Only the .GPX file should be used.
The other files are in WORD, and a .PDF file which is a general map of the area along with a hard copy of all of the Edge waypoints.

Using WORD, open the READ BE FIRST file, then the Lowrance Instructions file. You should open the .PDF file using a .pdf reader program. I suggest that you print the PDF file and keep a copy aboard your boat.
The easiest way is to then use a Lowrance protocol data transfer program.
Try using the LOWRANCE. INSIGHT PLANNER. it is Lowrance's data transfer program.
You would then open the Planner program on your computer then transfer the waypoints to the memory card. This card is then placed in your GPS unit and the data transferred to the internal waypoint memory in the GPS unit.

Contact me at if you need any additional help or info.

Captain Paul