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Fairly new to bass fishing. Best bass fisheries in southeast Louisiana?

As the title says, I'm pretty new to this. But I've been having decent luck for a beginner. However, that's only been at one or two places, so I'm looking to expand my horizons a bit.

I live in New Orleans but am in Baton Rouge for school most of the time, if that helps any.
Are you bank fishing or do you have a boat? I can't really help with bank fishing for bass. IF you have a boat try Henderson. I haven't really fished north of I-10 but there is a canal to the south was was productive for me after a mild cold front back in October. Also when the water is right you cant beat the spillway either launching from Bayou Sorrel or Bayou Pigeon. Make sure you have a GPS cause cell signal is not the best and theres tons of pipeline canals that can turn you around real quick. Bayou Plaquemine has also been good to me. Easy to fish in a small boat.