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Finish Line Duck Report

Date Hunted 1/20/18:

With real nice conditions for a duck hunt we started the final weekend of our season. Water, wind and vegetation were right with about 75 decoys out we were hoping for some big duck action. Ended up being Dosgris city for us again as the three of us managed our three man limit of 9 total for the day. We still had a lot of fun doing somewhat sky busting as the Dosgris pass good size V's over the blind.

Date Hunted 1/21/18:

Two of us tried a different location to see if it would change our outcome. I had seen large amounts of Pouledeau in an area. No wind and 100% sunshine did not help our cause for the hunt. We shot 6 Dosgris - 1 teal and a bunch of Pouledeau.

As we were fishing Saturday afternoon I did see some large concentration of ducks in some areas that were not there before so more have migrated down. Unfortunately for us they did not show up on our leases.

Overall this season was the least productive since I started hunting the area many years ago. We will reload next year hoping for better results on the ducks. As far as having a good time, well its hard to beat camp life with good duck hunting friends enjoying what we all love to do for fun.
thats all we can do ! i am gonna try to help us get the change
Mileypop we had a slow season as well on PAF, started off the season with a bang having limits by 7 am, went downhill from there even though we had plenty of natural feed in the ponds. Still enjoyed like you said the camp life cant beat that! Better luck next season
De Nuck and Futz Duck Busters have a few duck hunts left in their worn-out die-hard bodies and I have 4 total,starting with tomorrow.Were it not for the mallards that surprisingly have been hanging around the better part of the Second Split,I would have a few hunts with zero and the few greys we seem to all be targeting are extremely wary,hope this last front pushes some new ducks into our area.I do not have my full totals but did a raw average and it is not at all good,possibly averaging about 1.5 ducks per hunt and the only somewhat small saving grace happens to be so far have killed 5 mallards,a mottled duck,wood duck,fine redhead and some beautiful drake green wings and Nuck has killed at least one greenhead,fine azz redhead,few drake woodies,and more greys than me-I tend to go on seek and destroy missions while he pretty much sticks to one nice pond and I have a buddy joining me Th on mallard mashing expedition,hope tomorrow's hunt helps me decide where he and I gonna go seek Mr.Greenie!!Jgoins1981 de man as far as getting us together for whatever we can do to somewhat try to restore what used to be incredible duck hunts pretty much every season.For me,Katrina year was a high-water mark pretty much banging out two-man limits on about every hunt,then it waned the latter part of dat season and progressively worse since.This season I have two solo limits,dats it and trust me,I am not a 'limit' hunter,enjoy the total experience and my high comes when I call out Mr.Greenie and he comes 'dweep,dweep,dweep' til I folds him right in front of my blind!!!Always the optimist,dats de way I roll!!