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2017/2018 Final Harvest Count

We'll count our blessings for the 2017/2018 season, 4 hunts with only 1 to 2 birds harvested, 14 days of super low water made our area inaccessible during the end of the second split, rest of the season was good, harvest numbers for last year were 278, this year's increase in harvest numbers was due to Dos Gris migration all over SE LA. Teal were steady during the regular season which wasn't the case for the Teal season they were a no show for September, what wasn't see this year large rafts of Coot and Grays in open water in our area, no Black Ducks seen this year, No Mallards harvested this year, All in all a good season with good friends and we had a good time, loads of SE LA marsh sunrises that ya can't beat. Time to fish
2017/2018 Season- Total 318
253 Teal
41 Dos Gris ( We Held back on Harvesting These Birds)
3 Red Heads
1 Ring Neck
6 Spoonbill
5 Canvasback
6 Grays
2 Pintail
1 Widgeon