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Fishing on hwy 1

I've been told that their are places along Hwy 1 and other spots where fishing is not allowed. Not by the wildlife. But by land owners who say they one or lease the water rights also. Is this true? If so. Can someone please explain this. When I was young. No one owned the lake, bay or bayou. If u owned a camp. You were untitled to 1/3 of the canal. If you set a set bet you could but only cover 1/3 of the canal. But how can a land owner own the ducks, fish and water coming from.... Other areas?
I am sorry to inform you, but this is living in Louisiana. Some 50 years ago, you were not even allowed to stop on the side of the road with out the Sheriff's Department or Grand Isle Police writing you a ticket. This has been and will continue to be a problem in Louisiana. Two men lost their lives in Calcasieu Parish several years ago due to a dispute between them and some hired guns by the land owner. It has become the idea that if I can make money off of this I will. Today we have lost our morals, character, and respect for others.
If look at Ascension Parish and how dirty this parish has become you will definitely get the understanding of politics. This parish has become a lawless parish with Sheriff Jeff 'Jelly Bean' Wiley at the helm. Most of the deputies today do not even understand the highway regulatory or what it means to effectively enforce the law.
Yes, we have become an America where the ignorant decide what the educated will do. The only thing you can do is vote my friend and hope that someday real men will again share a conversation and allow you utilize the resources of this great state. Until then, navigate very cautiously.
Like it or not, private property owners have rights. Do your due diligence or you might get cited (or worse).

This article frames some of the legal issues with inshore fishing and private property pretty well. You know, since being educated is so important to you.