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Scam Advertisements On the Sportsman

All that are on the Sportsman. There are several girls that are have been posting scam ads now for at least 4 months. It was bad enough that they are trying to conduct theft by fraudulent means, but they have now increased there criminal activity into infecting your computer. This has started in the last week. If you try to report their add as scam it places viruses on your computer. If you do not have a good virus protection you will be in trouble.
I do not understand why the people who run this website(Sportsman) will not put an end to this. I have contacted them several times and received no response. All it takes is obtaining the IP address and turning this over to Law Enforcement. There is plenty of people out there that would be glad to testify.
It is always the same email address but different contact names. As of this posting all, I will be signing off for good. Best of Luck!
Hey Swamp Lizard, The IT dept with this site has always been lacking. I have removed ads only to be contacted by someone 5 years later asking if the item is still for sale. Their statement about items for sale says it can only be sportsmen related items yet there are posts for household items or racing cars and god knows what else. I have been told by the administrators of this site that my account would be cancelled unless I pulled an ad to sell Lab puppies or pay to be a site sponsor. The ad was for an uncle of mine who had puppies for sale. The administrators claimed that I was a business and I was told that the ad wasn't 'fair to paying sponsors' REALLY?? Did they check with the state for a business license that I supposedly had? I know they didn't find one. lol. So does that mean a regular person can't sell a truck or gun because it isn't fair to the site sponsors who pay money to sell their products. This site is getting to be pathetic.
I delete 100's of adds per week. I have time while at work, but it's only a dent in the number of scam adds. this site doesn't really care.