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Cane Bayou Chunk and Mini Chunk 2 6 18

Finally got break in nasty,rainy weather,and wanted to hit my favorite stretch of T-Funky out of 3 Rivers launch but made de executive decision to scrap dat plan for Plan B-Cane Bayou,in search of possibly some sac-au-lait and definitely marsh bass.Launched newer Chapman pirogue just around 11:45 and there was not a vehicle at the landing at Cane Bayou,not necessarily a bad thing but a warning dat maybe I would just get in some casting practice!!Started chunking black/blue Yum Dingers,swimming dingers to be specific and did not take too long before nice chunk inhaled Yum and tried in vain to spit Owner hook,to no avail!!Made my way all de way to Lake P and on way back,stuck mini-chunk on ice to join bigger chunk,weighed bigger fish at home,tad over 2 lbs and I guestimated weight at about 2!!!Hope to get in few more trips,possibly down T-Funky to locate dem elusive but delicious sac-au-lait and I concentrate most of my efforts at bass and know of few likely hiding spots for slabs,just gotta be lot more dedicated to them fish vs my predictable and reliable bass!!Chatted with FFL organizer,Josh Goins,before getting a break in weather and heading out and will eventually make a paddle in T-Funky as well as NShore Marsh where I might stick a few slabs on ice!!!