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Looks like the plan is working out

As kids we called bass green trout and a 3 ponder was a wall hanger. You still can see some of them in restaurants in the Lafitte area. Do to the small size there is no size limit in the area. I can remember as a kid reading how Paul Kaulman would catch a ton of them in lake Penchant. About 20 plus years ago they started to stock Florida bass in the Lafitte area. This was when I started to fish the Lafitte area. Bass fishing has always been my passion and my mentor Jimmy Regira of Donaldsonville has taught me well. We started off catching a few 3 to 5 pound bass on a trip. Just went the bass size was taking off Katrina hit and it knocked them back a few years. Now for the past 3 year size is as big as any area in Louisiana and you can include TB to that list. Catching a 20 pound 5 fish string is no problem. Believe this one or not Iol. I like to keep the small bass and it is now getting hard to find them again lol.

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