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Another Day, Another Limit of Reds

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Jason Pourciau, Chris Maggio, and Shanaka Maggio joined me on the big Bluewave. The 20-25 mph winds didn't stop this crew from getting their limit of reds. Our first stop had the reds coming in the boat quick on bait shrimp under a cork. We boated about 15 reds quickly but only 8 were keepers. We started drifting and caught 4 more keepers and a few more throwback. We moved locations and started throwing bait shrimp on the bottom with a 1/4 ounce jig head. We picked up 3 more reds undersized so we moved on. We drifted another bank throwing green Hornet Matrix and purple Haze Votex and caught three really big reds. With five more reds to finish off the limit we headed back to the general area we started. As soon as we pulled up it was almost every cast again, but most were too small as we only kept 3 fish. We made a extremely long drift to catch the last two reds for our limit. One lonely lost Trout made the box also!! Tons of 14-15 inch reds in the marsh right now. Good time with this crew, thanks again.

Capt Marty LaCoste