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Anyone in New Orleans tried the Bonnabel boat launch?

I've read/heard of people catching specks, reds, catfish, and even some bass out there. Any of y'all had any luck with it? I'm thinking of fishing it soon.

Anyone who may have had some luck, it would be greatly appreciated if you shared what you were using/how you were fishing it :)
Chance of catching specks are slim and none around Bonnable launch. Water is too fresh. You may get lucky once in a while and catch a red but don’t count on it. You should probably try off seawall at night or am when conditions allow. If you fish one pole right against the seawall and one out you may do good at times. I’ve done very well at times on reds right against seawall. They travel along wall like a highway eating all the little crabs. For whatever reason I catch a few in evening and sometimes some drum but when I’ve done great it’s almost always been between 4 am and daylight. My wife and I walk seawall at night and about a 1/4 to half mile east of Landry’s seems to be best spot on this end unless you go close to seabrook. Sometimes the regulars catch a few redfish in evening, an occasional drum, freshwater cat or two, occasional gar and a few hard heads. Nothing real exciting but decent evening out. Hope this helps.