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Dicks Sporting Goods Deletes negative comments from Corporate Comment Page

As a sportsman and shooter I rarely comment on political topics but yesterday, I felt the urge to send a message to the Dicks Sporting Goods and Field and Stream corporate office over their CEO's recent public comments and business decisions. I began searching the web for a contact source because I do not use any social media apps or programs other than email. After several emails I found this site:

I posted my comments that had to do with my personal feelings about the company's decision to remove certain types of guns and equipment from their Field and Stream stores. I tried to keep my comments as clear and professional as possible. I then shared this site with my friends. They all posted their comments and statements and gave their feedback to the company as I had done.

Later, as the comments started coming in we all noticed that the site was deleting all of our comments and continually adding only comments that agree with the recent company changes. It's like they have hired someone to comment and promote their point of view. I guess I'm just naive..

Go figure...
'Fake News' on the Dicks corporate 'Communist' website.

It's like some Orwellian prophecy.... All opinions matter.. but some matter more than others...

I guess my feelings were right on about their company.
not surprised by their tactics. BUT, keep in mind that we don't have to shop there!!
They have effectively almost completely removed all comments that differ from their decision... Sad
Keep posting your comments and screen shot the post, then screen shot once it is removed. Post your screen shots on social media. Social media gets the quickest actions now. Get your friends to do the same.

Dicks postings are popping up all the time on social media in response to their comments and business decisions. Many will no longer shop their. Hit them where it counts, in the pocket book!
I agree, I will no longer shop there