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Tuff T-Funky 3 7 18

Had some time on my hands and shoulda second-guessed self regarding T-Funky as she was a muddy mess today and I launched at my usual T-Funky launch,3 Rivers Rd, and started chunking Yum Thumping Dinger,black and blue,at all my usual spots with nada to show for my efforts and the water was extremely stained and I shoulda tucked my tail between my legs and headed home but got in extremely good aerobic work-out and saw familiar face chasing sac-au-lait and we exchanged pleasantries and this gent at least had 10 slabs to show for his efforts!!Did see two pairs of wood ducks and 4 does,3 in one small herd and a solo later and the first 3 did not realize how close I was to them and they also did not realize I would be paddling in same direction they were walking,saw them again and saw nice flock of 8 Canade geese and these guys decided they wanted to pose for me(guess they like teasing a die-hard duck hunter)and I texted buddy who works for LAWLF and he and I are both Committee Members of NShore Delta Waterfowl,planning a few fun events.His comment regarding my wildlife sightings was 'That's a good morning' and he knew I was striking out big-time on bass and sac au lait.Did have one smallish bass hooked but doggone wind had me cross-ways and did not cross his eyes and he spit hook and missed chunk near very productive and reliable boat dock,felt him grab Thumping Dinger but he spit lure as I was setting hook!!!Been toying around with Tungsten weights and like them as they are denser than lead and offer less resistance and might give the angler a slight advantage.Monday I was using 3/8 oz Tungsten weights but think that was slightly too heavy and switched to 3/16 oz for today and luckily have not lost any of them pricey weights!!Got text from buddy who was fishing Manchac area and he had 6 boated and lost 3 and was going back for Round #2-I am headed across Lake to visit with my mom and hope the Bonnet Carre' Spillway opening does not linger too long!