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LDWF Hunting & Fishing License Fee Increases--HB687

My wife spent a few hours doing some research on this bill and found these numbers in a matter of minutes. These are her thoughts and her letter to the Louisiana House of Reps. Please contact your reps if you agree. This is scheduled for a floor vote today.

Dear Representatives,
Please vote NO to HB687. Though I appreciate the effort to reduce licensing from about 117 to 35, I do not feel the trade off of any increase, much less a whopping 25-30% increase in the fees is worth it. I do not understand why we cannot reduce the number of licenses without any increase at all. I do understand that sometimes fee increases may be necessary to provide a service we want, but based on the budget numbers I'm not convinced LDWF can justify this increase to the people of LA nor do they need it. If the expenses of the LDWF exceeds its current revenue the solution is to figure out a more efficient budget, not fleece the taxpayers who hunt&fish.

In voting you should ask 2 QUESTIONS:

1. Why is the increase needed?
In light of LDWF Budget----
$129,306,376 FY15
$135,307,786 FY16
$190,720,090 FY17

Isn’t this budget just shy of that of our LA State Police? If so one would ask where are the priorities of Louisiana as evidenced by where it spends its money. We spend roughly $200 Million for LSP TO PROTECT PEOPLE and it seems like a bad joke to learn that we spend just about the same ($191 Million) for LDWF TO PROTECT WILDLIFE!! What the heck? This is absurd! We should not be spending anywhere near that amount on LDWF when our state is headed towards bankruptcy because all government spending is far exceeding the economic growth in LA. I understand money for LDWF does not come from the general fund, however whether it comes from there or from fees, the money for all LA government originates from TAXPAYERS like my family and many others!!!! Digging into our pockets and that of other hardworking Louisiana residents has got to stop from all aspects of LA GOVERNMENT INCLUDING ITS AGENCIES-BOARDS &COMMISSIONS!

2. At what rate has LDWF grown in the last decade? The annual average growth rate for LDWF over 30 years is 6.5%. Our economy only grows at below 2%. How is this right? And how can you in good conscience vote to continue to this INCREASED SPENDING trend for LDWF? LDWF must learn to spend within its already expansive budget. Moreover, LDWF should have its budget cut, if the legislature does anything.

My family lives on a tight budget largely because of this tax and spend Governor's policies but I don't spend the same amount on essentials such as security, food, education and health insurance that I spend on hunting and fishing or any other non-essential because that would be absurd and I certainly don’t increase spending on non-essentials when revenue is not enough. So why would you all allow this for LDWF? If we are short on revenue, in our family, we do not allow more spending on non-essentials. We first try to work within the budget we have for the non-essentials and then if that doesn’t work we cut from non-essentials such as the luxury of hunting and fishing, and then if necessary we cut from the essentials such as healthcare, education, maintenance of our home or food too; but if any of our essentials ever get unnecessarily bloated as they are in LA govt, we cut from there too, so I don't see why the state, who forcibly takes my money is NOT required to exercise the same priorities and frugality. It is your obligation as our representatives to vote in a manner that is respectful of that practice or better yet follows that practice.

The supporters of this bill can fancy this fee increase up all they want as many have done with all the other increases resulting in a forcible taking from taxpayer's pocketbooks. However it boils down to another vote IN FAVOR of a fee increase on the taxpayer and further dedicates more money within LDWF to new funds/accounts, which we certainly DO NOT NEED. So don't vote YES on HB687 and then come to the taxpayer at election time and say you are against taxes and fee increases because after you vote for this bill, such a statement will be a blatant lie.

This increase is not fair to the residents of Louisiana and should be rejected with a NO vote from you. We do not send you to Baton Rouge to protect agencies but to protect residents from the ever-encroaching government of which LDWF is obviously a big part as evidenced by its huge budget. Please do the job that taxpayers sent you to and vote NO on HB687.

> Sara Wood (mother of 4)
> Mandeville LA
> Nikita Krushchev warned Americans in 1959
> 'Your children's children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won't accept Communism outright; but we'll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you finally wake and find that you already have Communism. We won't have to fight you; we will so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit right into our hands [the hands of Communism].'
Re: LDWF Hunting & Fishing License Fee Increases--HB687
I lose fishing grounds, they get a budget increase. Yeah this makes sense