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Took a buddy from Abita KC's to T-Funky to see if we could nab some fine sac au lait and the doggone sacs decided they did not want to play,at least not at first but my buddy did nab fine bass,estimated at about a lb(put him on digital scale at home,right under 1 lb).We tried jigging and my buddy tossed nice frog trying to entice some lunker bass to inhale the frog to no avail.I decided to stay the course after getting my buddy back to his vehicle(left his vehicle at 3 Rivers Launch)and it paid off with a few decent sacs and some nice perch and one real nice Goggle Eye,missed a few big slabs and just got off phone with buddy that I took and think having nice pair of polarized sunglasses somewhat of a curse,especially when ya spot de chunks dat ya just missed!!!Water today quite stained and I always try to check WeatherUndergroud ahead of time and think we had two factors not working in our favor,stained water and relatively high barometric pressure and it was falling from about 11-4 and that somewhat coincided with when the bite started picking up.Final tally 1 nice bass,4 sacs,4 perch and one big ole Goggle Eye!!All caught on black/chartreuse tube jigs about 18-24 inches under slip cork and tipped jigs with Crappie Psychic trailers and Crappie Nibbles(neon chartreuse)PowerBait brand,nice little combo!!!Taking a day off tomorrow,back at em Wed and Th and hope to get in a trip where I do NOT lose big slabs,biggest to date shade over 1 lb and know where a few 2-3 lb slabs spit de tube jigs!!