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I've had something really bothering me the lately and its time to get it off my chest! I understand the LDWF wants to see an increase in the turkey population (the hens having a chance to get bred and so on) lord knows how hard a hen has to protect her eggs and young! That being said this is the worst season I've ever had, the gobblers were as usual already henned up on Feb. 23rd, and knowing that the season was opening so late I knew it wasn't going to be good. I always look forward to bringing my son out on the youth hunt but had prepared him not to expect the same as years past, I didn't want to sound like it was over before it got started but after years of experience out in the same neck of the woods, I know when its breeding time and when its over. Even though we managed to see a few small birds (that wasn't interested at all) we put away our guns early and decided to start fishing! I personally would have rather seen the season open same as before but only a 2 week season. Now,this is really what burns me up! If we really want to see an increase in the turkey population we need someone to talk to the federal government about all the nest that are being burnt up at this present time on Kasatchie National Forest. Control burns of several thousands of acres have been going on for 3 weeks I know! Thats probably not helping the population at this time! Again, not trying to step on any toes, but sometimes it helps to shed some light!
Good comments for sure. Although I think that the state biologists have our best interest in mind, I for one would like to see Louisiana adopt the same type of beard and age restrictions that Mississippi has in their management plan. No one can shoot a Jake unless they classify as a 'Youth' hunter etc.

(One (1) adult gobbler or 1 gobbler with a 6-inch or longer beard per day.........Hunters 15 years of age and younger may harvest 1 gobbler of choice (any age) per day.....)

This would at least allow some toms to reach breeding age. Having a well balanced turkey hen/tom ratio is also important for good hunting populations to exist.

Like you, I think they should have either closed the season in certain areas or reduced the bag limit and maybe added beard length restrictions. Having a late season doesn't make much sense. What's next, duck season in July??
I agree with your comments 100%, I would like to see some restrictions! Thanks for your comments!