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T Funky Results 4 25 18

Had reasonably decent window of opportunity(roughly 6:45 am-12:45 pm)and wanted to get back on some nice T-Funky slabs and trip started off right with my second biggest to date slab coming aboard(1.03 lbs) and we emerged with nice mixed box of fish,4 more sacs,two big Goggle Eyes,3 big bluegills,nice Lakerunner,and lagniappe channel catfish,all falling prey to black/chartreuse tube jigs about 2ft under slip-cork,tipped with Crappie Psychic Trailers,chartreuse and PowerBait Crappie Nibbles(neon chartreuse)-awesome and effective combination.Chatted with nice group of folks in party barge,from Texas,and showed them what dem sacs wanted,at least today!!!Had at the time huge unidentified marauder smash slip cork(fish was huge and kinda perch-shaped)and we met a group of young fishers at 3 Rivers Launch that had nice mixed box of channel and blue catfish,gaspergou and not sure what else and they commented that they had yet to nab a sac in T-Funky and I suggested they try Slab Daddy poles and use tube jigs and target the incredibly target-rich cypress trees(missed a few slabs today and a few nice bass as well).Had to cut today's trip a tad short as Wifey and I were meeting with Small Group Health Insurance Expert to do PowerPoint presentation for upcoming Medicare Basic Seminars that we have planned in next few weeks.Hope to nab a few chunky sacs tomorrow,weather permitting and have nice Delacroix trip planned for Sun-Wed and looking so forward to chasing some salty species vs the fine slabs we have been catching of late!!!Love soft plastics,whether for fresh or salt water fish!