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T Funky Results 4 26 18

Due to expected rainy start to today's T-Funky trip,me and Abita KC buddy delayed our departure til about 8:30 ish and we decided we most likely would fish til about 1:00 and from the get-go it looked like it was gonna be a tough day on beloved T-Funky due to front and probable high barometric pressure(typically peek at ahead of time but failed to do so today).Launched at 3 Rivers a shade after 8:30 and started pecking away and put few nice slabs on ice to go along with a few smaller ones and a nice goggle eye,all fish falling for black/chartreuse tube jigs tipped with Crappie Psychic chartreuse trailers and PowerBait Crappie Nibbles(neon chartreuse).Only missed a few and one of the typical patterns I have noticed for the bigger slabs(N of .75 lbs)is that they are relatively sluggish on the take up of the tube jig and at least three times today my slip cork barely moved and when I lifted it up sharply,there was a chunky sac on other end.Wrapped up trip around 12:45 and best part is on two trips,last two,I burned total of 1.8 gallons of non-ethanol fuel,hard to beat dat!!!Taking short hiatus til possibly end of next week and have awesome Delacroix trip planned for Sun-Wed of next week,just in time for Jazz Fest,Second Week end and nice Abita KC crawfish boil the day before!!!Total for today 6 sacs and one nice fat goggle eye!!