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Happy Anniversary to Me(33rd)-T Funky Results 5 4 18

Ya gotta love it when Wifey allows hubby to fish on their 33rd Wedding Anniversary and mine did just that,what an awesome woman she indeed is and she and I are not only life-partners but partners in our business and lotta folks are quite impressed with our working relationship(lotta times I might be fishing,sometimes with clients and she handles administrative issues,problem clients,etc).Now before folks think I am a slug for fishing on our anniversary,the truth is that we are headed to Jazz Fest this Sunday and will celebrate with hopefully some great weather and awesome tunes(Radiators,etc!!!).Now to fishing report-started at 3 Rivers a tad later than I wanted and she gave me a nice window of opportunity(could fish til about 3 pm).Started in one of my more productive spots but could readily tell that it was gonna be tough with water temps hovering way N of 65 degrees and seems like sac spawn all but over.Jigged and jigged and finally got nice sac near lilly pads and decided to move to what has been a productive spot,though the sacs there typically much smaller.Decided to try lowering black/chartreuse tube jig,tipped with Crappie Nibbles(neon chartreuse)and Crappie Psychic trailer and finally saw cork slowly moving,typical sac pattern and put de hammer on nice sac,estimated to be over a lb(1.08 on digital,tied for my best to date)and not long after put in another sac,estimated at possibly .75 and turned out I had two right at .66,not too shabby.Took decent ride way up Bogue Falaya,almost to Bogue Falaya Park and missed a few Kentucky bass(think dem fine Ray Bans,Polarized sometimes a curse they allow such clear vision down quite a ways in water column).Chatted with few folks in nice canoe and started making my way back to original spot,but not before switching to Yum Swim n Dingers,black/blue and nabbed fine largemouth,estimated at over 2.5,on digital right at 2.3!!!Wifey texted me advising I could stay a tad longer and went right back to original spot where biggest slab came from and struck out.Think spawn over and gotta use downscan and sonar to locate brush piles and schools of slabs and toss buoy over and start putting slabs in box!!!Best part is I burned about 1.5 gal of gas and emerged with some nice slabs and fine bass!!!