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Busy week Fishing

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Helped out Capt Rob with the BUMs fishing crew today. Forecast was windy so we stayed inside protected and opted for plan B. Another meat haul trip!! The guys were hooked up just about every-cast all morning long. Once we had our limit of pup drum and some reds we turned our focus to trout. We added 17 before heading in. Pretty exceptional day for 20 plus mph winds. The customers loved reeling in all the fish. Thanks Capt RD for setting it

Long tough day with the fish in lockjaw with only a handful of fish to report. One of those days you don't want to remember. Thanks Tim for the repeat business, we will get them on the next trip.

Good customer Michael Tuite was back onboard the big #bluewave. With the winds up, we went straight to the ponds. Our first red came on a Purple Haze Vortexshad with a gold spinner bait. The grass was thick so we switched to weedless spoons and finished off the limit quick. We made a move to look for trout but found the pup drum stacked and finished our limit of pups off. What a great day. Thanks Mike for the continued business, wish Matt could have made the trip.

I had a big crew out with MMR, Summit, and Cajun. Forecast had the winds at 2-3 knots so we went out looking for trout. We found dirty water and a easy 10 knot wind. One trout to be had so we turned North to salvage the day. If only I could find a meteorologist to throat punch this week, they have had the forecast off every single day!!! We hit the ponds and found the reds. Hooked 16 and ended with 14, one shy of our limit. Number 15 was 1 inch away from the net and came off. We fished for another 30 plus extra minutes but was denied. Good times with these guys. Big thanks to Capt K Labat, A LaCour, and E Rodrigue for taking care of the other customers. Good job as always.

Robert Duffy was back with me today with a couple guest. We decided to focus on reds and drum. Bite was slow so we took a peek at a spot looking for trout and found some! We picked away at 25 then left the area to hit the ponds for reds. Slower red bite today but we ended up with 7. Good times today as everyone enjoyed themselves.

We found the trout piled up and hungry with new customer Fred Tucker and crew onboard. Put a nice lick on them with double rigged Matrix Shad. What a fun memorable trip!!

Paul and Brandon Bradford joined me this morning. We focused on trout but found dirty water and a very slow bite. Moved around and found clean water and no bites. We kept grinding as it was very tough. Switched to plan B and every single red and drum we caught were under 16 inches.

Capt Marty LaCoste