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Amite River ecological solution for wildlife

There are severe ecological concerns with the HW22 levee preventing natural tidal flows into the Amite basin. There is a grave concern with the Amite River Basin in Louisiana being blocked near Lake Maurepas with a 5 ft high 0.75 mile long HW 22 preventing natural tidal flows in and out the basin, ecology failure with animals drowning in flood conditions and limited drainage of the basin. There is high flows at the river and too high for fish to navigate the small outlet. The Sierra Club has been alerted.

The CORPS has asked the public to contact Congress for providing finances of an Amite River Basin study with also stating my two concepts are well worth considering. This flood cost the US $10 billion

My communication:
CORPS response:
US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District *Interesting idea*. We recommend contacting your congressional representatives and ask them for a study into the matter.

My comment to the Corps:
A University reviewed 2 concepts listed below on Amite Basin drainage and they mentioned there would be erosion. Would this mean the concepts are dead in the water?

Two (2) solutions for flooding near Baton Rouge are scatter-select, remove and sell trees in the Lower South Amite River Basin and remove/replace man-made HW 22 flow restriction which is located on the basin's outlet thus increasing basin's flow.

1. Flood threat size is growing by the year because the South Amite River basin tree diameter is growing yearly. As tree diameter growth increase, resistance of the basin associated with trees prevents flood waters from draining quick enough. Also future years will bring more tree growth and flow resistance with frequent flooding and greater crest heights. To bring tree area back to the same as 20 years ago; select, remove and sell trees in the basin from the river's mouth to north Baton Rouge and this will reduce flood crests with greater flow moving along the 36+ mile basin. The basin flood velocity will be the same as 20 years ago with no increase in basin erosion compared to then.

This is a public flood drainage concept and tree removal should not need to meet wetlands mitigation cost. Contact your elected officials and ask them to pass a congressional waiver for wetlands mitigations of the trees needing to be removed to return to a tree diameter of 20 years.

Wetlands laws have allowed trees to grow in the Amite Basin for 20 years with increasing flooding. Velocity in the basin, during the flood, was 0.3 ft per second and basin velocity/flow will increase to the same as of 20 years earlier by removing tree growth area back to 20 years ago and this is about 6% - 9% reduction of tree area for the basin. Velocity is calculated from 12 miles crest travel from French Settlement to Maurepas which took 26 hours .

2. Flood elevation will not build at an existing 5 ft high earthen HW 22 restriction because it will be removed and replaced with a HW 22-0.5 mile long elevated open bottom highway/ spillway. This will allow flood water to flow underneath the spillway quickly releasing into Lake Maurepas.

CORPS response Facebook:
Re: Amite River ecological solution for wildlife
Awesome! I hope they do something soon it’s wwwaaayyy over due.
Re: Amite River ecological solution for wildlife
Great response, please ask everyone to write their congressman so they will approve the CORPS making a study of the Amite Basin.
Re: Amite River ecological solution for wildlife
Cost is about $20 Million for the elevated spillway.