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Another Busy Week of Catching

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Made a afternoon trip and were greeted with slick calm seas and clean water. Double rigged Matrix Shad went to work and the trout started filling up the K2. My son, his buddies, and their teacher had a blast smashing the specks. Great to see the excitement in all of their faces, id say the trip was a 100% success.

Gaiennie Lumber crew made it to the lodge and we had a great dinner prepared by chef Leonard. The crew wanted trout so that's what we targeted. Even with the winds blowing over 16 mph, we made it happen. Good times by everyone. Big thanks to Capt T Miller and Capt K Labat for running the other boats.

ControlWorx made it down to the camp. Everyone had a great evening and ate like kings, as chef Shawn P did it up again. My MMR crew were at their camp and had a great meal also. We had one boat go after trout and four boats target reds. My crew opted for reds and we found them stacked up in the shallows. My crew didn't waste anytime putting a big hurt on the slot reds. We iced down 23 reds and left them biting to go fish for bull reds. As soon as we pulled up we had two big bulls on the line. The guys were fishing a rodeo so we kept two big ones finishing out our limit. My crew took 2nd place bull red in the rodeo. Great time with these guys. Big thanks to Capt's Kevin, Jared, Chris, and Casey for running the other boats.

Brandon Beasley and crew had a blast smashing the specks on double rigged Matrix Shad today. We filled up the K2 Cooler, then went looking for a few reds before heading in since it was still early. We had three hook ups and two hit the ice. Great time with these guys, as we all had a blast.

Helped out my buddy Capt T Miller this afternoon. Winds and seas calmed down and the water was clean. Everything looked in our favor and we started catching!! Double rigged Matrix Shad as usual. The fish bit in spurts, as they never turned on hot and heavy. We put a good box together then headed in to clean fish before it got dark. Thanks T for putting the trip together.

Capt Marty LaCoste