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cane Causeway Trip 5 16 18

Had decent window of opportunity on my hands and seemingly favorable tidal conditions and decent wind forecasts and made my way from mouth of Cane Bayou to 4-mile turnaround,tossing my favorite all-around soft plastic,Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet,Chartreuse and right away had fish hack off tail,most likely very aggressive croaker!!Made my way S to both turnarounds on Drawbridge with a few nibblers here and there and started putting together a decent fresh-water box,with nice croaker as lagniappe and when I headed from Bridge to area near Goose Point,had 4 nice blue catfish on ice to go along with croaker and missed a few at the bridge,no big deal but was hoping to nab a few keeper reds.Made my way to extremely nice drain for Big Branch Marsh,almost always emerge with a few reds and specks and flounders when salinity is right but only emerged with nice blue catfish.My take on Spillway Opening is that there should be plenty of very nice blue catfish out at the Big Bridge and from what I have seen,the crabs are getting extremely nice and fat and once we start getting E and SE winds to draw in salty water,specks and flounders and more reds should populate fish boxes pronto,all without the aid of live bait!!Did see familiar pick-up at Cane Launch and chatted with Chad Almquist of Canoe and Trail and he advised that the gent with the pick up reported catching a few reds along the shoreline,hint,hint!!!I wanted to hit Big Bridge first and by the time I made my way E to shorelines,wind conditions had deteriorated to where it was hopeless-might sneak in shoreline trip tomorrow am!!