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Elmers Island 5/20/18 >>>>> NO FISH

Made the 2 hour trip Sunday morning, got in my fav spot right at daylight. Son in law came for the slaying.
We found very clear water, a roaring 'knock you down' surf, a stiff SE wind and jack fish in close feeding ---- trout were almost non existent.
Was surprised to see such clear water with a strong surf, but it was there.
We fished from daylight to 9:30 catching one trout. We saw/talked to 20 others that had a grand total of 4 trout.
Not all reports are good, so if you missed yesterday morning getting up at 2:45 a.m. trekking down to the beach, making a mile walk in the sand carrying your gear, catching no fish -THEN getting a speeding ticket on your way home------, you missed nothing.
If you made the call to NOT go yesterday- Good Call.
Re: Elmers Island 5/20/18 >>>>> NO FISH
did you get the ticket in Golden Meadow?
Re: Elmers Island 5/20/18 >>>>> NO FISH
No, it was in Edgard on Highway 3127 . 55 MPH posted speed limit. Not a home/business in sight for 10 miles either direction. Improved roads. Cleared shoulders. 1:50 PM on a clear day .
Its a money trap.
Not an excuse as I was clearly above the limit, but thought I had my cruise set at 55, but instead it was 65 (actually 67)
Its only money, I'll pay the ticket. But Edgard can stay behind the times far as Im concerned. I'm rerouting and will go the longer route of 8.5 miles from here out.
In Golden Meadow you can almost see the 50 limit with homes