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Had little time on my hands after nice 30 minute elliptical work-out at Mandeville Any-Time Fitness and after 8:00 mass at St.Jane de Chantal and socializing with fine folks afterwards and decided to make solo T-Funky trip.Tried to scare up some sac a lait but they had other plans and quickly switched over to bass fishing,tossing Yum Swim n Dingers and was looking mighty bleak,looked towards de Heavens and said very short prayer that I would not scratch and believe it or not,not too long afterwards,felt serious tug on line,watched line take off and felt serious weight and failed to 'cross dem eyes'and missed very nice T-Funky chunk and wanted to redeem self and luckily did that with one lil chunk,almost a lb,caught on black and blue Yum Swim n Dinger,had probably alligator gar tear off tail of Yum and dat was it.Thanks to an inconsiderate boater tossing huge wake right at 3 Rivers Launch,had to quickly jump outta tow vehicle and re-beach flat boat,wish folks would be tad more considerate when passing launches,ya never know what ya wake gonna do to the fellow launching and picking up solo!!!If my dead ole dad were stil alive,he would say,'Dat fellow got fots in his head,son!' Happy Memorial Day,Dad,and all the other veterans out there!!!