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High winds and High water

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Got a call Sunday morning about 11:00 about afishing trip on Monday, I told the gentelmen that Monday wasn't looking good as far as wind from Sub Tropical storm Alberto. He was in town for 2 days for a wedding and wanted to go as long as I thought it would be safe to catch a Redfish, well we definitely won't be going out to open water so I told him I'd call him back in 5 minutes and I accepted his request to put him on a nice redfish,went to try and get him some well he failed to tell me only had 4 hours to try and get it done and showed up 35 minutes late after doing Bourbon Street. He's in town from Michigan for a wedding and leaving Tuesday so off we go with some Live Bait cause Everything eats live bait right so we hit the Dam got a couple nice Trout nothing to scream about and managed 1 small Redfish. Decided to make a run out to the lower end of Flat Lake and work on some flats in the area I dropped the trolling motor and he was having trouble casting To the grass so I threw to a point flipped the baio and handed him the rod and a he's picking up the slack his cork starts to move to the left....Get ready it disappearedand I told him to set the hook,he was strapped in for hisfirst ridewith a nice Bull Red... Fishing with 7' Ethois Inshore Medeium action Castingrods and 400 series Maham reels with 30# braid. This fish fellfor a Matrix Shad Avocado color plastic Mr. Mike Kempton worked up a sweat whenI got the net out for his fish. This was a CPR fish for sure he tipped the Bogga at 27# and measured 43.5' needless to say Mr. Mike was pleased when we got him revived and swimming off hewas ready to head home.
Re: High winds and High water
Great job! Always important to take good care of 'foreigners' as the word gets spread nationwide. LA has the finest fishing in the world and you became an excellent ambassador. This is important for the industry and our image. Keep up the good work!