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May Day May Day Bream alert!

We got into em and I’m sure its no secret. The line to launch was 100 yards long at the Henderson boat launch. We had an absolute blast! The thing I like about bream fishing is the action is nonstop. Its great practice for kids and when you get tired of lifting bream you can relax in the shade. In our case we generally just fished in it. The water Is down so the beds are easy to see. Its on right now!

Friday morning we hit it early, just as the fog was coming off of the water. As soon as we got into the water I could tell it was way down. 6 foot or so. The first spot we pulled up too was a tree that had fallen parallel to the bank and was sitting in about a foot of water. The water clarity was 3 foot or so, and as we got closer to the tree I could tell the bottom in front of it was pockmarked with beds. There must’ve been 2 dozen of them! The first cast I let the worm settle right into a hole I picked and the cork just submerged..plooop. I didn’t even set the hook, just reeled in a wrist sized bluegill. He swallowed the hook, but that’s on him. And so it went on and on all day…. we caught a 15 lb carp and a 10 lb choupique on bream gear, hooked a 6 foot alligator and hefted in about 75 fileable sized bream. The kids had a blast and I fileted everything. Well, except the carp.

Monday there were lots of boats, but the same result as we trolled around and sight fished beds….We caught several bass though as they have become real aggressive on the early morning bite. We also caught trees, logs, gar and other assorted treasures. All in all pretty much a copy and paste of Friday.

God has been blessing us with the best blueberry crop ever and plenty of fish. Life is good. Get it while the getting is good!