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Spoon-Fed Reds 6 12 18

Had every intention of showing a buddy from Abita KC's nice spot where mullets routinely get crushed but ole ornery Lady P had other intentions.Launched at Cane Bayou a tad after 6:00 and got greeted by rough seas but decent SSE winds(at first).Made our way to bass spot near Goose Point and I put two fat bass in box,missed two others then we switched gears looking for reds alongside thick grass beds and first red was nice specimen,close to 17 inches on gold spoon.Bomber Spinner bait got the attention of two others and first one was pretty with 4 spots on one side,making him easy to track through fairly decent though stained water!!Second Bomber red was cool as my fishing buddy saw him chasing lure,not realizing that I had him hooked and he was unaware he was hooked,at first!!Not a bad Lady P trip,3 reds and 2 bass and coulda had 2 more bass,all in about 4 hours of fishing!!Did see fellows in big airboat,most likely surveying Big Branch Marsh.Fun stuff nabbing reds so close to home and way cool watching the attack Bomber Spinner bait!!


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