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Tiller Handle vs Hydrolic Steering wheel with a Surface Drive motor

I'm in the market for a new boat soon and am curious about the benefits/drawbacks of surface drive boats that have tiller handle steering vs. ones with a hydrolic steering wheel installed onto a center console. I would prefer the center console option, however, I am wondering what peoples experiences have been with these in the past. I can only imagine the tiller handle option would give you better leverage in sticky situations, with less expensive parts parts to worry about breaking... but the center console variation would be much more comfortable for long runs. What's your experience with these two steering types?

The boat I have in mind is the Cottonmouth Boats XLR8
Re: Tiller Handle vs Hydrolic Steering wheel with a Surface Driv
I recently changed my 40 HP tiller outboard to a 37 EFI Gatortail with center console and hydraulic steering. Maneuvering in tight places a tiller is much more responsive. Cruising, the hydraulic is way better. It is very easy to steer. No motor vibrations. In tight places you will be turning the steering rapidly back and fourth a lot. Also the hydraulic steering will 'drift' as you turn back in fourth if you have a hard cross wind. Your steering wheel will need to be continually adjusted to go straight. It is easy but sometimes you wish you had cable steering. All is a compromise.