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A Week of Fishing in Dularge

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The past week of fishing has been decent with good boxes of speckled trout on fair weather days. The. It has been inconsisten, with some days having awesome bites and others picking all day to make the box. We had to use live shrimp a couple days, as the fish were not responding well to the plastic.

I had Dustin and his dad Mickey for the first night trip of the year. We never could get the light switch to turn on, as what usually happens at night. We did lay into all solid fish which made up for some of the numbers. Thanks Marty Lacoste for setting these guys up with me. They had a great time and enjoyed the experience of fishing at night!

I spent Sunday fishing with the family for some redfishing. When we finally got on an every cast bite, a massive storm was approaching so we called it a day mid morning. The kids were pumped just to be out and about!

I had my random scouting trip for the week. I usually to to random places I have never fished. I was able to smack some trout around on matrix shad shrimp creole under a 4 horsemen tackle cork.

Mid week I had Mr. Art for 2 days. All 4 of these guys were some veteran fishermen, so we had no problem catching the fish! We found a protected point and caught over 50 fish on one point plus more bouncing around. Day 2 with them was a little different. We tried our same game plan with live shrimp and it backfired. We only caught 10 fish in our same area. We changed zip codes and arrived to a rockstar plastic bite. Double rigged matrix shad and matrix shad under a 4 horseman cork did the job. We caught over 50 fish in about 20-30 minutes and then it shut off. Thanks Capt. Marty LaCoste for setting these guys up with me.

To get in on the fishing call or text at 337-578-8189!

Capt. Jared Broussard

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