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Bassin a good time on SShore 6 19 18

Have been spending some time at my mom's in Kenner and have been chasing some bass and reds outta Williams Blvd Boat Launch and today was my last day and wanted to get on some top-water bassing,followed up by some PowerLines Pilings jigging for reds(Kenner is such a gem for a gent with a smallish flatboat,espceially when persistent S winds hit)!!Started off tossing popper in Parish Line Canal and first fish was hooked real well and I let de lil chunk go,had a few more solid hits on popper and dat bite tailed off around 7:00 am,switched over to Yum Swim n Dinger,JuneBug Red and dinked and dunked around,chatting with two young fellows in very fine and wide flat with big Yammy on rear,think they ended up with either 16 or 17 and they saw me catch three on about three consecutive casts,trouble was feisty crabs had destroyed plenty of JuneBug Red worms and I switched over to a red Yum Swim n Dinger Red,it was too close to the water color and quickly switched to Black/Sapphire Zoom Speed worm and started pecking away,getting three chunks,missed at least 3 chunks and ended up with 4 smallish bass(great eating size)and 3 nice bass probably close to 2 lbs each.Did make run to PowerLine Pilings,Lake was kicked up way too much for decent jigging but still got few bites,most likely very small reds.On my way from Parish Line Canal to PowerLines,not only did I spot a ton of fairly big crabs but also two big stingrays,more than likely good sign of increasing salinity and I happened to run into two guys at Valero gas station on Williams,not too far from launch,and one said he tasted a tad of salt in water as he got sprayed on their way in and I told him about the stingray sightings plus told him about catching pinfish yesterday,another sign of increasing salinity.It should be on big-time for reds and the gent I conversed with at the Valero station said he has been catching good reds at structures in SW Lake P!!!Got quite a few folks interested in chasing reds and possibly bass and I intend to accommodate em!!!