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Shrimp fishing by bamboo traps

As aborigines shared, the most effective way to catch shrimps is dropping bamboo traps in the edge of water. Therefore, they spend much of their time on making traps and going shrimp fishing to make food.
Making bamboo traps for shrimp catching requires much of workmanship, from choosing materials to wickerwork. Split laths should be made from Neohouzeaua, and then soaked into the river to enhance their toughness. Each lath is about 60cm in length, small and lacquer-drawn, and the distance between the laths shouldn’t be too scattered.
The bamboo shrimp traps are created by the skillful hands of aborigines.
However, baits are still necessary to attract shrimps to come inside the trap. Those baits are often savory burned pork skin.
After placing the baits into the trap, the trap is tied to two heavy rocks by rope and dropped into the water so that it is suspended in water surface. They drop about 100 shrimp traps into the river.
Next day, they continue pulling up the traps. After taking out the shrimps, they put other baits into the traps and then throw it again. This procedure is repeated day by day.

After catching shrimps, they started to cook them in a strange way. The materials to cook shrimps include tomatoes, potatoes, chillies, lemons and other seasons. They mixed shrimps with these materials and covered the food by a silver paper. After that, they put this package on charcoal. After around 15 minutes, they took this package out and started to enjoy this tasty dish.