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Strike Out on SShore 6 21 18

Buddy of mine from Abita KC's and I decided we wanted to cross de Big Bridge and try our luck on bass and crabs in Parish Line Canal and possibly hit the numerous PowerLine Pilings dotting the SW Lake P landscape.Started off with a glassy-calm Lake P and we tried bassing,my buddy was having all sorts of issues trying to fly-fish and manage I-Pilot trolling motor(learning curve he needs to negotiate)and the water was kinda murky,especially since the last few trips on SShore.We struck out bassing,baited up dozen nice crab nets and there was a big barge near I-10 that was moving N up Parish Line Canal and they murked up the water immensely but not before we managed to catch maybe 30 crabs,some fairly small,some decent and one nice soft shell!!Moved away from barge after they disturbed water and I did manage to nab fine but very small red and we set out crab nets and managed to catch about 4 decent crabs while we jigged one of the PowerLine Pilings.Lake P was getting progressively rougher and we headed in and gave my mom a nice surprise in the form of about 30 crabs,including decent soft shell that she fried up and my buddy and I ended up grabbing soft shell crab po boys at Abita Brew Pub!!!Might head back out to NShore shoreline next Tuesday,tossing spinner baits at grass-line reds,fun stuff!!!