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Weekly report

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Herbert Carriere and crew joined me on the big Bluewave. We targeted trout this morning and found a slow bite at each stop. The guys caught at every stop weeding through some small fish. With the heat kicking up and a mess of fish in the K2, the guys chose to take it to the dock. Big thanks to Capt's Labat & Lombard for taking care of Robert Utrera's crew and Capt Broussard for taking care of Art Costly and crew. Everyone had a decent mess of fish.

Petey Kern and crew were back with me once again looking for specks. It was somewhat of a repeat of the previous day. We picked away at the fish at each stop, getting on one fast run at one stop. No lights out bite or limits but we put a mess of fish together. Thanks again to Capt's Labat, Broussard, and Lombard for taking care of the same crews on day two. Everyone had a good time.

Gaiennie Lumber crew was back down once again with us. Trout was on the menu, and finally they decided to make an appearance!! Shrimp were busting all around us with the trout following them. Double rigged Matrix Shad went to work and the box filled up. Always a good time with these guys. Big thanks to Scotty Muller for the continued business over all the years. Thanks to Capt's Miller, Labat, and Lombard for running the other boats putting your crews on the fish. Couldn't do what we do without having the best Capt's in Dularge working with us.

Andy Brown and crew were back onboard again with me looking for trout. We started right where we left them the previous day, but the trout had other plans. The trout had lockjaw. After checking a couple areas, we decided to cut our losses and target reds the rest of the day. We found a slow redfish bite also, but ended up on a point with some steady hook ups. A mixture of keepers and throw backs which made it fun for the guys reeling in fish.

David Thibodaux was back with me with a customer. Windy conditions have us focusing on reds. We slept in and departed at 7am. We found a slow bite the entire day covering lots of water. All of our reds came on purple haze Vortex and green Hornet Matrix Shad.

Capt Marty LaCoste