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Weekly Grind in the HEAT!!

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Cy Primeaux with LSE crane and Transportation was back onboard today with two boats running. With the winds up again we stayed tucked away as best as possible. The green Trout and Reds didn't disappoint and even a couple lost silver fish made the box. Green Hornet Matrix with and without a spinner accounted for all of our fish. Great time with these guys and thanks to Capt Labat for running the second boat. Thanks also to Capt Broussard for taking care of John Eschete and crew.

Gaiennie Lumber crew were back with us again. Winds were even higher today, so we once again stayed protected. The green Trout and red bite were a lot slower, but we managed to get enough to make it a success. Big thanks to Capt's T Miller and K Labat for running the two other boats.

Terry McCabe and crew from Seattle were back with me again on the big Bluewave. For once we had calm winds and seas so we had to go take a look for trout. We found dingy water and only three Trout. After burning 25 gallons of fuel we took it North to redfish. Good plan, as we found the reds stacked up! My crew smacked the reds quickly putting the limit in the K2, as it was easy as it gets.

Ryley and Autumn Myhand joined me again today. We had high hopes of getting on the trout like their last trip. With winds blowing again and rough seas, the trout were extinct. Northbound it was again to the redfish grounds. Today it was a slow bite, but we got their limit of reds before they had to get back. Big thanks to Capt Broussard for taking care of Micky Masons crew.

Richard Gaiennie with Gaiennie lumber was back onboard with me with his son and a good customer from Oregon. We found a very slow bite all day. We soaked crabs and fished bait shrimp under a cork and threw some plastics. The fish never turned on. We grinded all day, thanks guys for sticking it out.

Another Gaiennie Lumber crew were with us with three boats. With the winds steadily blowing we grinded it out in the heat once again chasing reds. Never a fast paced bite all day, but each boat put a box together of reds and some puppy drum. Everyone went home with smiles and some fillets. Thanks again for the continued business. Thanks Capt's T Miller and K Labat for taking care of their crews.

Capt Marty LaCoste