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T-Funky Results 7 6 18

Have not had a chance to visit ole T-Funky in quite some time so I decided to hit some of my favorite spots today,tagging along 4 rods,each with a different presentation and I used all 4!!Started my excursion at 3 Rivers right around 6:15 am to hopefully jump on what I expected to be decent top water bite but that failed to produce a single strike,minus what was probably tiny needle-fish trying to swim away with a popper almost his size!!Switched over to hollow-body frog,Booyah Pad Crasher, to no avail and switched over to tried-and true Zoom Speed Worm,Ultra-Vibe in June Bug Red and finally put bass on ice!!Went to sac a lait spot,tried rod #4,Slab Daddy,and had one possible sac nab crappie nibble-enhanced tube jig and went back to Zoom Speed Worm and was kinda cool with the clarity of the water,watching a few bass chase and swipe at worm.Did run into fellow taking short break from work to fish a boat dock and he saw me nab a decent bass(was very cool watching two bass chase Zoom Speed Worm and bigger one won!!).Had at least two more grab worm at same boat dock but both most likely dinks that I woulda tossed back in.Missed a few that felt substantial,always hate dat and Friday's are kinda popular with the Party Barge and Ski Boat folks and difficult to fish main T-Funky with all that boat traffic,guess I was kinda lucky to catch what I caught.Probably gonna return when we get more tidal activity and I suspected today was gonna be a struggle with miserable water movement,always a blessing to come away with a couple of fish!!Did see some monster gar and saw zero top water activity,kinda strange as on SShore,always seem to have strong top water bite from about 6:15 -7:00am.