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T Funky Chunks Mounted 7 9 18

Got call from Sonny Miller with Miller Taxidermy and he was excited to tell me my T-Funky chunks were mounted and ready for me to bring a Yum Swim n Dinger worm(did de damage about a year ago)so he could get smaller bass with worm hooked in jaw and he already had tiny bluegill getting inhaled by bigger bass.Take a look at this fine mount and originally considered doing stringer mount as the day these two chunks were caught(7-14-17),I had 6 total bass with biggest 4.6,next 3.4 and one slightly smaller,probably around 3!!Might not have nearly as productive a day as I did last year and Sonny did an awesome job,studio located in Crossroads,MS.Enjoyed chatting with Sonny this evening and he had very nice black duck mounted,one he shot many,many years ago and told him about the awesome Big Branch trophy black duck I shot about 3 seasons back.Hard to believe teal season just round de corner and gonna hit ole T-Funky tomorrow and bet I nab a bass close to the bigger chunk on this piece of poplar!!!Sonny said it happens all de time-fellows leave his studio with beautiful fish,only to catch even bigger ones their next outing!!!